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Absolutely the best!

This tinted foundation has been the best thing I’ve ever found for my skin.

My Go-To Serum

B3 is my daily can’t do without it serum. I recommend it to all of my aesthetics clients as well. It’s perfect in Utah’s dry climate, plumps fine lines and fights redness as well.

Clear Zinc Solar SPF 30 + Tinted, 2.5 oz.

Tinted spf

Honestly this is the best tinted spf I have ever tried and every client loves it. It’s my best retail item!

Best Ever!

Never let’s me down! This is the best product I’ve used for minimal (tinted) smoothing and SPF coverage.
I’ve used it for years and compare others from time to time, and nothing ever beats this one.

Vitamin a facial cream

This is very smooth and makes my face feel soft

Face cream

Love this cream! Combats wrinkles and makes my skin look young and fresh!

Feels Like Silk

The Pomegranate Mask is so lovely. It feels like silk on the skin. When applying it goes on very smoothly. Removing the mask is just as easy. It doesn't harden around the edges making removal easy and not causing any annoyance to the client. Skin feel smooth, hydrated, and overall happy afterwards!

This feels amazing on my skin. I can’t live without this product!

My order was perfect. Love love the vitamin C face cream with stem cells. It is one of my favorite Lucrece products!

Vitamin C Cleanser, 8 oz.

The Best :)

Hands down the BEST tinted sun care on the market. Lightweight, non-drying, natural dewey coverage. LOVE


I love the speed of shipping and delivery and the care in packing - AND the amazing quality of the products. :) Very happy, always!

Vitamin C Ester, 1 oz.
Jennifer Stokes

Love this cleanser!

The best spf ever

This spf will never be replaced. It leaves the skin so hydrated and glowy with perfect coverage. I’ve finally been able to ditch my daily foundation because this spf is all I need. Obsessed ❤️

Great anti age cream

Very hydrating good for mature skin

Vitamin c cream

Have been using the product over a week and by far my most favorite, can’t wait to try more products

A & M Eye Recovery, 0.5 oz.
Katherine Stoddard

My favorite eye cream!

neck firming cream .

Thus is the best neck firming cream I have ever found. Highly recommend.

Love the product! Got some for my sister in law and she’s been loving the vitamin C cleanser!

Mandelic Acid Peel, 1 oz.
Melissa Schwartz
I love this lightening peel

This is the best peel for hyperpigmentation; my clients love it!

Best ever tinted sunblock -- anywhere

I first tried Lutece tinted sunblock before COVID, at a spa in Arizona. SInce then, I have bought several tubes for friends; they are all hooked on it. Why? It is light, doesn't feel opaque or greasy or pore-clogging. The sunblock is very effective, while the tint is natural. I apply with a cosmetic sponge, just dabbing it on and blending. Other tinted sunblocks are either too opaque-looking or the tint is not natural looking on my face. I do not use foundation... just Lutece. It is gentle for sensitive skin, too. I used it without any problems while on chemo, when my skin was reacting badly to everything.
Your only question will be "which of the two to buy." Light is pretty light, but does not look white or ghostly. The red-label version is a warmer beige.

My Go-To Serum

I live in a dry climate and the B3 serum is indispensable. It’s the first thing that goes on my face and neck after cleansing, morning and evening. Great for holding moisture, plumping fine lines and keeping down pinkness. I don’t think I have a client who doesn’t use it as well.

Gentle Exfoliation

I love the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, it’s gentle enough for me too use twice a week. If you're looking for a nonabrasive and effective way to improve the appearance and health of your skin you’ll fall in love this mask, and yes, it smells like pumpkin. If you have read any of my other reviews, than you know I have multiple autoimmune diseases. Living with Lupus and Ehlers Danlos is challenging, painful, and unpredictable. My immune system attacks my healthy skin cells and the Ehlers Danlos is a genetic connective tissue disease which literally removes collagen from my skin leaving it fragile, loose and saggy. I have spent over 50 years researching, struggling and spending a fortune on various skin care products that only aggravated my skin. A few years ago my dermatologist recommended LPAR products, together we found a skin regimen that works for me. This zebra highly recommends LPAR products.

Five Stars!

I have been using this peel for years and I am always amazed on the before and after skin brightening effects, toning and overall complexion changes. It's one of my fall must haves!